steppingstones1Welcome to Stepping Stones International Preschool !

"Stepping Stones" was created to serve the needs of the International Community in Denmark. We are a small, friendly pre-school with qualified and experienced staff to welcome your child in to a wonderful pre-school experience.

Our name “Stepping Stones” represents the small steps along the way that we help children to take towards the big learning goals they meet as they move through pre-school.

Our children at "Stepping stones" come from many different countries around the world. Those children learning English as an additional language are supported by our diverse, child-centered curriculum and our English speaking staff.

Our program is based on the English Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum for children aged 0-5 years, integrating aspects of the Primary Years Program of the International Baccalaureate Organization. We aim to help prepare the children for entry to International Schools in Copenhagen (such as Rygaards School or Copenhagen International School) or around the world.

We look forward to welcoming your family and want you to feel at home whenever you walk through our gate. At "Stepping Stones" International Preschool we’ll give your child the opportunity to enjoy a fun day in a safe, warm, and stimulating environment. Your child’s early learning years are very important, so when it comes to choosing an early education center, you need to be sure it will provide all the things you want for your children. Providing the very best in preschool education, our qualified and dedicated teachers will support your child to experience a wide variety of new activities, learn new skills and develop a passion for learning that will last a lifetime.

info"Stepping Stones" is fully licensed and adheres to the Danish safety regulations.
The building is approved by the local authority (Gentofte commune) to operate as a pre-school. The pre-school is situated in a beautiful old house in a residential area of Charlottenlund.

The house has been carefully modernised and converted for use as a school, with purpose built children's bathrooms, beautifully furnished classrooms and an art room, music dance and gym room, and even a little library. The building is surrounded by a garden and a secure playground. The playground equipment conforms to EU safety standards.

•   "Stepping Stones" accepts children from age 1 to 5 years.
•   Class sizes range from 10 to 18 children.
•   All the classes have qualified, English speaking staff.
•   Language of instruction: English.



07.30 - 17.30


" Stepping Stones "
International Preschool

Bernstorffsvej 230
2920 Charlottenlund


Ehlersvej 9
2900 Hellerup


( +45 ) 23 69 50 00



What you can expect for your child at "Stepping Stones" :

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 Your child has a safe, secure and caring pre-school environment.

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Your child learns through play, experimentation, observation and experience.

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Your child has opportunities to express him/herself creatively and through language,
to exercise choice and make plans, and to solve problems and use logic.

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Your child has time and space to learn at his/her own rate and in his/her own way.

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Your child has access to outdoor play, and play with natural materials
such as sand and water.

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Your child is introduced to numeracy and literacy skills when he/she is ready
and interested, in fun and meaningful ways.

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Your child is given love, encouragement and positive reinforcement to build his/her
self-confidence and self-esteem in order to reach his/her potential.

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Teaching focuses on social and emotional development as a priority.

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Your child 's pre-school experience is full of joy and wonder, and fosters
a love of learning.




Life at Stepping Stones


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