Our goals at Stepping Stones

To have all the children enjoying a fun day in a safe, warm, and stimulating environment. We want your children to feel like their pre-school is their second home. We will provide them with lots of love and attention along with lots of fun daily activities to help them learn and grow.

We hope to teach the children to respect themselves and each other, building their knowledge, skills and self-esteem through a diverse, child-centred curriculum, as well as supporting those children who are learning English as an additional language.

We provide a daily structured program with an emphasis on play and creativity. Our pre-school program is child-centred and flexible, catering to the individual needs and interests of our children, taking ideas from various well established early childhood programmes including the Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate programme, and the Foundation Stage of the English National Curriculum.

Preschool-age children are active, curious, and constantly on the move, learning with every experience and play opportunity. In fact, the most important learning that takes place in this stage of development comes through child’s play. Preschoolers are constantly on the move, exploring their world with exuberance, curiosity, and a seemingly endless source of energy. A child’s capacity for learning in this stage is enormous. Preschool-age children learn and develop from every experience, relationship, and adventure they encounter. Having the space and opportunity to explore objects and play environments help preschool children develop their imagination and master the motor, cognitive, language, and social skills that are essential for future development.

Here at “Stepping Stones” it is very important that each child is met as an individual human being, which develops in his/her own special way and that we see the child’s unique potential for processing information in specific ways.

At “Stepping Stones” international preschool, we will like to reassure you that your child is in the safest of hands. The Teachers at “Stepping Stones” stay current with new knowledge in the children’s area and take on different courses as; body and movement, traffic safety, first aid etc.

We will always do our best to ensure that the children are learning in a happy, fun and positive environment.

“Stepping Stones” Golden Rules :

  • We listen.
  • We are gentle.
  • We are honest.
  • We look after property.
  • We are kind and helpful.
  • We work hard and smart.
  • Treat others the way you would want to be treated.