Stepping Stones International Preschool Policies

The following rules pertain to “Stepping Stones International Preschool” private børnehave.

The policies are non-negotiable and are legally binding.

A.  Enrollment

All forms must be completed and returned before the child care starts.

For Charlottenlund Preschool:

First time payment fee is 16.250 DKK per child and non-refundable. Subsequently, you pay the monthly fee as you can read below.

Monthly payment:

(1-2) year: 5975 DKK

(3-5) year: 4475 DKK

For Hellerup Preschool:

First time payment fee is 17.250DKK per child and non-refundable. Subsequently, you pay the monthly fee as you can read below.

Monthly payment:

(1-2) year: 6950 DKK

(3-5) year: 4850 DKK  

B.  Payments

1.   Payments are due on the 1st day of each month/ 3 monthly for families subsidized by employers.
2.  In the case of late payment of fees, a reminder will be sent out. Each reminder will incur a cost of 350 DKK.
3.  In the case of very late or consistent problems with payment, a deposit may be required to cover the last months of contract in order to keep your child’s place.
4.  Stepping Stones retains the right to terminate the contract in event of failure to pay the school’s fees.
5.  Stepping Stones does not offer part time places. The client will be charged the full week’s fee regardless if the child comes for one day or for the full week. The same policy applies for school and public holidays.
6.  If a place was accepted by the client, the client shall pay the monthly fee from the agreed starting day for a minimum period of the notice period. This is non-negotiable even in event that the place is not taken up.
7.  If you enroll two children with us, you will receive a sibling discount for your oldest child.

C.  End of contract

1.  To terminate the contract, the client must give the school three (3) months advanced notice and 3 month’s fee will be charged to the client. When you hand in your notice to withdraw your child from the preschool, you are obligated to pay an invoice for the last three months of your notice period.
2.  In case of termination of the contract, the school will give the client two weeks’ notice.
3.  Notice must be given by the 1st of the month. Notice given part way through the month will still be eligible to pay the full month’s fees.

D.  Opening & Closing Hours

Opening hours : 07.30 – 17.30

Stepping Stones International Preschool will be closed to for Public Holidays and clients will be responsible for finding alternative care on these dates.

E.  Illness / Injury

1.   If your child is unwell, please keep them at home.
2.  Should your child become unwell at preschool, their teacher will phone and ask you to collect them. Please respect the teacher’s decisions in this matter.
3.  Medication such as for chronic conditions, allergies or asthma, or courses of antibiotics will be given if it is packed in the original container, and clearly labeled with the child’s name. Parents must give written permission for teachers to administer medication, and also talk to teachers involved if necessary. Medication such as children’s paracetamol or analgesics will not be administered, if your child is unwell they need to rest at home.
4.  Any injury which results in bruising, blood loss or bite marks will be recorded on an injury sheet and parents will be asked to read and witness the record.
5.  In the case of head injuries or serious injuries parents will be contacted by telephone immediately.

F.  Clothing and Supplies

1.  All Children’s belongings must be clearly labeled with the child’s name. Stepping Stones International will not be held responsible for lost items.
2.  The client is responsible for supplying clothing appropriate for the setting and the weather. Clothing needs to be comfortable, washable and hard wearing as children will be engaged in indoor and outdoor play and art and craft activities. Clients will supply a full change of clothes per child, each day.
3.  The client is responsible for providing the child with equipment outlined in the parents handbook.

G.  Sun Safety policy.

1.  Our sun policy applies from April to September.
2.  Please apply sunscreen on your child before bringing them to school. We will apply sunscreen again after lunch.
3.  Please bring a sun hat for your child.
4.  Please note from midday – 2pm we will be inside or in the shades.
5.  Water is always available for the children and we remind them to drink plenty of water during the day.

H.  Discipline Procedures

1.  In the case of a child with a disciplinary problem, parents will be contacted as soon as possible and both parties (parents & preschool staff) will work together towards solving the problem.

I.  Other

1.  The client will inform the school by email of any delay or absence..
2.  Only the parents or designated persons will be allowed to collect the child, unless the parent sends written permission in the morning detailing any changes.
3.  All family information is confidential and will not be shared with other parents unless expressly approved, however the Parents Committee are usually supplied with email addresses in order to communicate with Parents.
4.  If you DO NOT want this information shared with the Parents Committee, please inform us.


J.  Enrollment / Waiting List criteria

Anyone can join Stepping Stones Preschool. We have room for all cultures. You can find our waiting list application form on this website.

Provision for admission of children to be taken by the private institution.
These guidelines will respect:

–  The seniority in the institution’s waiting list
–  Child age
–  Siblings account
–  The private Institution operates a waiting list of children who wish to join the private institution

More detailed information is in our Parent Handbook.