Curriculum for 1 - 3 year olds


steppingstones5Our programme in the 1-3 y.o. group is based on Birth to Three Matters from Britain, which is a framework to support children in their earliest years.


Birth to Three Matters progresses on to The Foundation Stage curriculum which our children will follow from 3 to 5 years.


The most important thing this curriculum highlights is the importance of play-young children learn through play, and cannot be rushed through an activity-children need choice of what to play with, they may need to be uninterrupted and have time to play alone, or with others in a safe and supervised environment.


The framework focuses on four main areas of learning and aims to support toddlers in becoming


    A strong child
    A skilful communicator
    A competent learner
    A healthy child


Activities for children of this age are hands on, practical, and play based allowing them to develop the skills, concepts and knowledge they need in their own time and in their own way.



Long term plan 0-3 years


Our overall aims for the children at "Stepping Stones" under the age of three is based on the framework ‘Birth to three matters’. From 3-5 years they will follow a curriculum based on the Foundation Stage Curriculum from the UK.



We aim to provide a foundation for children, through play and experiences, that help them to fulfil these aims :



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A strong Child

steppingstones6By the time the Child is ready for the Foundation Stage Curriculum he/she will :

*  Have a realization of their own individuality, which includes a growing awareness of self, have own
    personal characteristics and have knowledge
about what he/she can do.

*  Understands that she/he is valued and important, will be able to contribute to relationships
    and have had opportunity to explore his/her

*  Be confident in what she/he can do, value and appreciate his/her own abilities and feel self-assured
    and supported.

*  Enjoy being with familiar and trusted others, values individuality and the contributions of others and have
    a role and identity within the setting.


A skilful communicator


By the time the Child is ready for the Foundation Stage Curriculum he/she will :

*  Enjoy being with others and have positive relationships with them, and is able to make needs known.

*  Be a confident and competent language user, able to use language to label, describes, and share.

*  Enjoy songs, rhymes and stories, being able to listen and respond appropriately.

*  Make playful and serious responses and be able to influence others.

Have developed a level of understanding, is able to negotiate choices and can be understood by others.

A competent learner

steppingstones8By the time the Child is ready for the Foundation Stage Curriculum he/she will :

*  Enjoying finding out about the environment and other people.

*  Will enjoy making patterns, comparing and sorting information through play.

*  Have had the opportunity to play imaginatively with materials using all his/her senses and use pretend play
    to express ideas.

*  Have explored and discovered a range of creative mediums (music, movement, art).

*  Have had opportunity to respond to the world with marks and symbols and discovered that these marks
   can carry meaning.

A healthy child


By the time the Child is ready for the Foundation Stage Curriculum he/she will :

*  Be able to make his/her own choices and decisions and discover his/her own likes and dislikes.

*  Will have emotional stability, developed healthy independence and know when they need to depend
    on others for help.

*  Be acquiring a range of physical skills and gaining control of the body.

*  He/she will enjoy being active, rested and well nourished.

*  Be discovering about boundaries, limits and rules, learning when to say ‘no’ and anticipating when others will do so.

*  Know when and how to ask for help.




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